IOTA Ref. No. AS-030
Group Name Kazan (Volcano) Islands
DXCC Entity Ogasawara
DXCC matches one IOTA No
Sunrise 20:23 UTC
Sunset 08:36 UTC
Minimum Latitude 24.13 N
Maximum Latitude 25.58 N
Minimum Longitude 141.17 E
Maximum Latitude 141.58 E
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 5 years 41.3%
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 10 years 36.2%
Credited to users to have at least once submitted an application in the history of IOTA 31.1%
Requires validation Yes

Qualifying islands in AS-030

Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
Kita Iwo Jima;Kita Iwoto,;Kita Ioto
Minami Iwo Jima;Minami Iwoto,;Minami Ioto

Verified activations of AS-030

JF7MTO/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JS6TQS/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto

Credited activations of AS-030

7J1ADJ/JD1Minami Iwo Jima;Minami Iwoto,;Minami Ioto
7J1AEI/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JA1KJW/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JA4ZWZ/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JA5XQU/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JA7FTJ/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JA7JT/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JD1BBRIwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JD1BDDIwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JD1BICIwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JD1BIEIwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JD1BIEMinami Iwo Jima;Minami Iwoto,;Minami Ioto
JD1BIEKita Iwo Jima;Kita Iwoto,;Kita Ioto
JD1BIE/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JD1BIKIwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JD1BKRIwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JD1BKRMinami Iwo Jima;Minami Iwoto,;Minami Ioto
JD1BKRKita Iwo Jima;Kita Iwoto,;Kita Ioto
JD1YAMIwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JE7IZM/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JE7IZM/JD1Minami Iwo Jima;Minami Iwoto,;Minami Ioto
JF1LGD/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JF7MTO/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JG1WEH/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JG3MGL/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JH1MAO/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JH2ENF/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JH5FGU/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JH7EAY/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JI1KUL/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JM1GLZ/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JM6OSB/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JQ2HAP/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JR2FOE/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
JR7OXM/JD1Iwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
KA0IJIwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
KA1IWIwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
KA1IWOIwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
KA2HHIwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
KA2IJIwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto
KG6IJIwo Jima;Iwoto,;Ioto