IOTA Ref. No. EU-053
Group Name Market Reef
DXCC Entity Market Reef,Sweden
DXCC matches one IOTA Yes
Sunrise 04:22 UTC
Sunset 16:53 UTC
Minimum Latitude 60.28 N
Maximum Latitude 60.32 N
Minimum Longitude 19.12 E
Maximum Latitude 19.15 E
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 5 years 100.0%
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 10 years 96.9%
Credited to users to have at least once submitted an application in the history of IOTA 85.5%
Requires validation No

Qualifying islands in EU-053

Market Reef

Credited activations of EU-053

8S9MMarket Reef
AH6MM/OJ0Market Reef
G4JVG/OH0/OJ0Market Reef
K5KG/OH0/OJ0Market Reef
OF0MAMarket Reef
OF1AJ/OJ0Market Reef
OH0I/OJ0Market Reef
OH0MAMarket Reef
OH0MASMarket Reef
OH0MBMarket Reef
OH0MB/OJ0Market Reef
OH0MD/OJ0Market Reef
OH0MM/OJ0Market Reef
OH0XX/OJ0Market Reef
OH0XZ/OJ0Market Reef
OH1AF/OJ0Market Reef
OH1MM/OJ0Market Reef
OH1RY/OJ0Market Reef
OH2AP/OH0MMarket Reef
OH2AP/OJ0Market Reef
OH2AQ/OJ0Market Reef
OH2BZ/OJ0Market Reef
OH3JR/OJ0Market Reef
OJ0/AC6TMarket Reef
OJ0/AE9YLMarket Reef
OJ0/AH7XMarket Reef
OJ0/DL1IANMarket Reef
OJ0/DL3YELMarket Reef
OJ0/DL5IOMarket Reef
OJ0/DL6GVMarket Reef
OJ0/DL8YHRMarket Reef
OJ0/EC3ADCMarket Reef
OJ0/G3SXWMarket Reef
OJ0/JH1ARJMarket Reef
OJ0/JR4PMXMarket Reef
OJ0/K5VTMarket Reef
OJ0/K7BVMarket Reef
OJ0/K9LAMarket Reef
OJ0/KF7POMarket Reef
OJ0/KX7MMarket Reef
OJ0/LA0CXMarket Reef
OJ0/LA5UKA/PMarket Reef
OJ0/LA6YEA/PMarket Reef
OJ0/LA9VDA/PMarket Reef
OJ0/N4GNMarket Reef
OJ0/N7BGMarket Reef
OJ0/OE1ZKCMarket Reef
OJ0/OG3AMarket Reef
OJ0/OH1VRMarket Reef
OJ0/OH2BBFMarket Reef
OJ0/OH2FNZMarket Reef
OJ0/OH2KIMarket Reef
OJ0/OH3ACMarket Reef
OJ0/OH3RMMarket Reef
OJ0/OH4ODMarket Reef
OJ0/OH6LIMarket Reef
OJ0/OH6RMMarket Reef
OJ0/OH8AAMarket Reef
OJ0/OH9TTMarket Reef
OJ0/SA0BJFMarket Reef
OJ0/SA5BJMMarket Reef
OJ0/SM0BSOMarket Reef
OJ0/SM0EPOMarket Reef
OJ0/SM0GNS/PMarket Reef
OJ0/SM0HPL/PMarket Reef
OJ0/SM0LQBMarket Reef
OJ0/SM0NJOMarket Reef
OJ0/SM0NZZMarket Reef
OJ0/SM0RBO/PMarket Reef
OJ0/SM0VFEMarket Reef
OJ0/SM1TDEMarket Reef
OJ0/UA4WHXMarket Reef
OJ0AMarket Reef
OJ0AMMarket Reef
OJ0AUMarket Reef
OJ0BMarket Reef
OJ0DXMarket Reef
OJ0JMarket Reef
OJ0JRMarket Reef
OJ0LAMarket Reef
OJ0MAMarket Reef
OJ0MCMarket Reef
OJ0MIMarket Reef
OJ0MJMarket Reef
OJ0MRMarket Reef
OJ0RMarket Reef
OJ0RJMarket Reef
OJ0SMMarket Reef
OJ0SUFMarket Reef
OJ0UMarket Reef
OJ0URMarket Reef
OJ0VMarket Reef
OJ0VMMarket Reef
OJ0VRMarket Reef
OJ0WMarket Reef
OJ0XMarket Reef
PA0GAM/OH0/OJ0Market Reef
SI8MIMarket Reef
SM0FWW/OJ0Market Reef
SM4CAN/OH0/OJ0Market Reef
SM4DHF/OH0/OJ0Market Reef