IOTA Ref. No. EU-058
Group Name Provence-Cote d'Azur (Alpes Maritimes) Region group
DXCC Entity France
DXCC matches one IOTA No
Sunrise 05:19 UTC
Sunset 17:30 UTC
Minimum Latitude 43.48 N
Maximum Latitude 43.78 N
Minimum Longitude 6.93 E
Maximum Latitude 7.53 E
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 5 years 54.8%
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 10 years 48.9%
Credited to users to have at least once submitted an application in the history of IOTA 43.0%
Requires validation No

Qualifying islands in EU-058

Lerins Islands:
  • L'Ilot
  • Lerins Islands
  • Saint Fereol
  • Saint Honorat
  • Sainte Marguerite
  • Tradeliere
  • Verified activations of EU-058

    F/DJ8QPSainte Marguerite
    F/DL3OCH/PSainte Marguerite
    F/I2GPTSainte Marguerite
    F4BKV/PSaint Honorat
    F4BKV/PSainte Marguerite

    Credited activations of EU-058

    F/DJ8QP/PSainte Marguerite
    F/DL1ASA/PSainte Marguerite
    F/DL3OCH/PSainte Marguerite
    F/DL3OCH/PLerins Islands
    F/EA2BUF/PSainte Marguerite
    F/EA2BUF/PSaint Honorat
    F/EA2BUF/PLerins Islands
    F/G3TTC/PSainte Marguerite
    F/I2GPTSainte Marguerite
    F/I2GPTSaint Honorat
    F/IK1ZOD/PLerins Islands
    F/IK4RQJSainte Marguerite
    F/IZ4BBFSainte Marguerite
    F/LX9EG/PSainte Marguerite
    F/ON5MF/PSainte Marguerite
    F/ON6NN/PSainte Marguerite
    F1BWJ/PSainte Marguerite
    F4BKV/PSaint Honorat
    F4BKV/PSainte Marguerite
    F4BKV/PLerins Islands
    F4FET/PSainte Marguerite
    F4FET/PSaint Honorat
    F5AHO/PSainte Marguerite
    F5BWJ/PSainte Marguerite
    F5CCO/PSainte Marguerite
    F5JY/PSainte Marguerite
    F5JYD/PSaint Fereol
    F5JYD/PLerins Islands
    F5NHJ/PSainte Marguerite
    F5PAC/PSainte Marguerite
    F5RBB/PSainte Marguerite
    F5RVO/PSainte Marguerite
    F5RXL/PSainte Marguerite
    F6BFH/PSainte Marguerite
    F6BFH/PLerins Islands
    F6HIZ/LERLerins Islands
    F6HIZ/LERSaint Honorat
    F6HJR/LERLerins Islands
    FF1NEH/PSainte Marguerite
    TM0ILSaint Honorat
    TM0ISLSainte Marguerite
    TM0ISLLerins Islands
    TM0MSainte Marguerite
    TQ0LERLerins Islands
    TV1LERLerins Islands
    TV1LERSainte Marguerite