IOTA Ref. No. EU-073
Group Name Puglia (Taranto) Region group
DXCC Entity Italy
DXCC matches one IOTA No
Sunrise 04:41 UTC
Sunset 16:46 UTC
Minimum Latitude 40.28 N
Maximum Latitude 40.52 N
Minimum Longitude 16.85 E
Maximum Latitude 17.78 E
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 5 years 68.0%
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 10 years 60.3%
Credited to users to have at least once submitted an application in the history of IOTA 53.3%
Requires validation No

Qualifying islands in EU-073

Cheradi Islands:
  • San Paolo
  • San Pietro
  • Verified activations of EU-073

    IJ7/IK6CACSan Pietro
    IJ7/IW7DMHSan Pietro
    IJ7/IW7DOLSan Pietro
    IJ7/IZ7AUHSan Pietro
    IJ7/IZ7LDCSan Pietro
    IJ7ASan Pietro
    IJ7DXSan Pietro
    IJ7TSan Pietro
    IJ7TASan Pietro

    Credited activations of EU-073

    IJ7/I7XUWSan Pietro
    IJ7/I7YYZSan Pietro
    IJ7/IK6CACSan Paolo
    IJ7/IK6CACSan Pietro
    IJ7/IK7AFMSan Pietro
    IJ7/IK7BPVSan Pietro
    IJ7/IK7CJVSan Paolo
    IJ7/IK7GFSSan Pietro
    IJ7/IK7MCJSan Pietro
    IJ7/IK7PBISan Pietro
    IJ7/IK7VJXSan Pietro
    IJ7/IK7WDSSan Pietro
    IJ7/IK7XIVSan Paolo
    IJ7/IK7XIVSan Pietro
    IJ7/IZ7AUHSan Paolo
    IJ7/IZ7AUHSan Pietro
    IJ7/IZ7EDQSan Paolo
    IJ7/IZ7FLPSan Paolo
    IJ7/IZ8AJQSan Pietro
    IJ7/IZ8DBJSan Pietro
    IJ7ASan Pietro
    IJ7ASan Paolo
    IJ7BVSSan Pietro
    IJ7DMKSan Pietro
    IJ7DXSan Pietro
    IJ7DXSan Paolo
    IJ7ETSan Paolo
    IJ7ETSan Pietro
    IJ7EXSan Pietro
    IJ7EXSan Paolo
    IJ7TSan Pietro
    IJ7TASan Pietro
    IJ7TASan Paolo
    IJ7VSan Pietro
    IK7XIV/PSan Pietro