IOTA Ref. No. NA-029
Group Name Prince Edward Island
DXCC Entity Canada
DXCC matches one IOTA No
Sunrise 10:44 UTC
Sunset 21:09 UTC
Minimum Latitude 45.92 N
Maximum Latitude 47.17 N
Minimum Longitude 61.95 W
Maximum Latitude 64.50 W
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 5 years 90.3%
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 10 years 87.3%
Credited to users to have at least once submitted an application in the history of IOTA 77.7%
Requires validation No

Qualifying islands in NA-029

Prince Edward

Verified activations of NA-029

K3GV/VY2Prince Edward
NY4G/VY2Prince Edward
VE1PEIPrince Edward
VY2/DJ8QPPrince Edward
VY2LIPrince Edward
VY2MPPrince Edward
VY2RUPrince Edward
XO2CPrince Edward

Credited activations of NA-029

3C1ATPPrince Edward
AC6SS/VY2Prince Edward
CF1DXPrince Edward
CF1FWPrince Edward
CF1IDXPrince Edward
CG1ABUPrince Edward
CG1BWNPrince Edward
CG1XAPrince Edward
CG2SSPrince Edward
CG3ATPrince Edward
CI1ADVPrince Edward
CI1AGIPrince Edward
CI1ATJPrince Edward
CI1AWMPrince Edward
CI1AWNPrince Edward
CI2PEIPrince Edward
CJ1EJPrince Edward
CK0OXPrince Edward
CK4RUPrince Edward
CY2CPrince Edward
CZ1PEIPrince Edward
CZ2OHMPrince Edward
CZ2OXPrince Edward
CZ2SSPrince Edward
F5NZO/VY2Prince Edward
F5SSM/VY2Prince Edward
K1ZZ/VY2Prince Edward
K3GV/VY2Prince Edward
KA1WIF/VE1Prince Edward
KA2PHQ/VE1Prince Edward
KA2PHQ/VY2Prince Edward
KA2PHQ/VY2/MPrince Edward
KE0UI/VY2Prince Edward
KK6ZM/VY2Prince Edward
ND7J/VY2Prince Edward
NT2X/VY2Prince Edward
NY4G/VY2Prince Edward
VC1BPYPrince Edward
VC2APrince Edward
VC2CCOPrince Edward
VC2JAPrince Edward
VE1/W6BYBPrince Edward
VE1ABUPrince Edward
VE1ACPPrince Edward
VE1ADEPrince Edward
VE1ADVPrince Edward
VE1AEIPrince Edward
VE1AEQPrince Edward
VE1AEYPrince Edward
VE1AGDPrince Edward
VE1AHPrince Edward
VE1AIDPrince Edward
VE1AIIPrince Edward
VE1AIKPrince Edward
VE1AJKPrince Edward
VE1AKDPrince Edward
VE1ALHPrince Edward
VE1AMNPrince Edward
VE1ANSPrince Edward
VE1ANZPrince Edward
VE1AOAPrince Edward
VE1AOLPrince Edward
VE1AOYPrince Edward
VE1APUPrince Edward
VE1AQJPrince Edward
VE1AQZPrince Edward
VE1ARAPrince Edward
VE1ARTPrince Edward
VE1ASFPrince Edward
VE1ASJ/1Prince Edward
VE1ATJPrince Edward
VE1ATOPrince Edward
VE1ATPPrince Edward
VE1AWKPrince Edward
VE1AWMPrince Edward
VE1AWNPrince Edward
VE1AWZPrince Edward
VE1BCBPrince Edward
VE1BCIPrince Edward
VE1BICPrince Edward
VE1BIEPrince Edward
VE1BIJPrince Edward
VE1BNPrince Edward
VE1BPYPrince Edward
VE1BPZPrince Edward
VE1BUSPrince Edward
VE1BVLPrince Edward
VE1BZOPrince Edward
VE1BZPPrince Edward
VE1BZZPrince Edward
VE1CCOPrince Edward
VE1CDD/VY2Prince Edward
VE1CFBPrince Edward
VE1CILPrince Edward
VE1CITPrince Edward
VE1CIVPrince Edward
VE1DXPrince Edward
VE1ECPrince Edward
VE1EJPrince Edward
VE1EOPrince Edward
VE1FWPrince Edward
VE1GBPrince Edward
VE1GVPrince Edward
VE1IDXPrince Edward
VE1MCPrince Edward
VE1MTHPrince Edward
VE1NQPrince Edward
VE1OTA/VY2Prince Edward
VE1PEIPrince Edward
VE1TYPrince Edward
VE1UAPrince Edward
VE1UDPrince Edward
VE1UQPrince Edward
VE1VBLPrince Edward
VE1YNPrince Edward
VE2BR/VY2Prince Edward
VE2MA/VY2Prince Edward
VE3KLE/VE1Prince Edward
VE3ZZ/VY2Prince Edward
VG2ACPrince Edward
VG2OXPrince Edward
VG2UAPrince Edward
VX1AEYPrince Edward
VY2/DJ8QPPrince Edward
VY2/DK1MMPrince Edward
VY2/DL1FDHPrince Edward
VY2/F5AHOPrince Edward
VY2/F5PACPrince Edward
VY2/HB9BCKPrince Edward
VY2/K5WAPrince Edward
VY2/KB6QEWPrince Edward
VY2/KD4DPrince Edward
VY2/KJ6YPrince Edward
VY2/KV8QPrince Edward
VY2/N6GILPrince Edward
VY2/N7XMPrince Edward
VY2/NF6JPrince Edward
VY2/VE3VGIPrince Edward
VY2/VE9GLF/MPrince Edward
VY2/VE9GLF/PPrince Edward
VY2/VE9MY/MPrince Edward
VY2/VE9MY/PPrince Edward
VY2/W1MOPrince Edward
VY2/W3EPPrince Edward
VY2/W7ASFPrince Edward
VY2/WC3OPrince Edward
VY2ACPrince Edward
VY2AKXPrince Edward
VY2ASPrince Edward
VY2BIJPrince Edward
VY2BMWPrince Edward
VY2CAPrince Edward
VY2CAKPrince Edward
VY2CBPrince Edward
VY2CCOPrince Edward
VY2CKPrince Edward
VY2CQPrince Edward
VY2CRPrince Edward
VY2CWGPrince Edward
VY2DAPrince Edward
VY2DCSPrince Edward
VY2DMPrince Edward
VY2DXPrince Edward
VY2EAPrince Edward
VY2ERNPrince Edward
VY2EUVPrince Edward
VY2FSPrince Edward
VY2GIBPrince Edward
VY2GMPrince Edward
VY2GMUPrince Edward
VY2GQPrince Edward
VY2HHPrince Edward
VY2HRPrince Edward
VY2JAPrince Edward
VY2JAMPrince Edward
VY2JCPrince Edward
VY2JGPrince Edward
VY2KHZPrince Edward
VY2KRPrince Edward
VY2KXPrince Edward
VY2LIPrince Edward
VY2LJPrince Edward
VY2LMPrince Edward
VY2MCPrince Edward
VY2MDPrince Edward
VY2MMPrince Edward
VY2MPPrince Edward
VY2NQPrince Edward
VY2NTPrince Edward
VY2NUPrince Edward
VY2OHMPrince Edward
VY2OXPrince Edward
VY2OX/PPrince Edward
VY2PEIPrince Edward
VY2PXPrince Edward
VY2QSTPrince Edward
VY2RACPrince Edward
VY2RBPrince Edward
VY2REGPrince Edward
VY2ROPrince Edward
VY2ROBPrince Edward
VY2RSPrince Edward
VY2RUPrince Edward
VY2RU/MPrince Edward
VY2SSPrince Edward
VY2TTPrince Edward
VY2UAPrince Edward
VY2VNPrince Edward
VY2WSYPrince Edward
VY2XPrince Edward
VY2YNPrince Edward
VY2YTPrince Edward
VY2ZPrince Edward
VY2ZMPrince Edward
VY2ZVPrince Edward
VY2ZZPrince Edward
VY6QSTPrince Edward
VY8EAPrince Edward
VY8OXPrince Edward
W1KSI/VY2Prince Edward
W1ZJJ/VE1Prince Edward
W3KHZ/VY2Prince Edward
XJ1ATJPrince Edward
XJ1AWVPrince Edward
XJ1PEIPrince Edward
XL2ZO/XO2Prince Edward
XN0OXPrince Edward
XN0RUPrince Edward
XN0SSPrince Edward
XN2SSPrince Edward
XN2YNPrince Edward
XN8DXAPrince Edward
XO2CPrince Edward