IOTA Groups & Islands

Many groups require you to send validation data to IOTA Management in order to have an activation accepted. In case of doubt contact us BEFORE your activation at info@iota-world.org.

IOTA Ref. No. Group Name Requires Validation Regional Awards
OC-163 Vanikolo and Utupua Islands Yes
OC-164 Western Australia State (S.W. Coast) South group No
OC-165 Sarawak's Coastal Islands Yes
OC-166 Kalimantan's Coastal Islands East No
OC-167 Kapingamarangi Atoll Yes
OC-168 Russell Islands Yes
OC-169 Ha'apai group No
OC-170 Western Australia State (South Coast) East Centre group No
OC-171 Queensland State (North Coast) South group No
OC-172 Queensland State (North Coast) Centre group Yes
OC-173 Northern Territory (Arafura Sea Coast) West group No
OC-174 Tawi Tawi group Yes
OC-175 Sarangani Islands Yes
OC-176 Chesterfield Islands No
OC-177 Seribu Islands No
OC-178 Tikopia and Anuta Islands Yes
OC-179 Duff Islands Yes
OC-180 Ngulu Atoll Yes
OC-181 Witu Islands Yes
OC-182 Ducie Island No