IOTA Ref. No. AS-037
Group Name Koshikijima Islands
DXCC Entity Japan
DXCC matches one IOTA No
Sunrise 20:50 UTC
Sunset 09:59 UTC
Minimum Latitude 31.53 N
Maximum Latitude 31.97 N
Minimum Longitude 129.58 E
Maximum Longitude 130.03 E
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 5 years 57.1%
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 10 years 49.0%
Credited to users to have at least once submitted an application in the history of IOTA 27.9%
Requires validation No

Qualifying islands in AS-037

Kami Koshiki
Koshikijima Islands
Naka Koshiki
Shimo Koshiki

Verified activations of AS-037

JA4GXS/6Kami Koshiki
JA6LCJ/6Kami Koshiki
JA6TBE/6Kami Koshiki
JA8COE/6Kami Koshiki
JF6WTY/6Shimo Koshiki
JI3DST/6Kami Koshiki
JI5RPT/6Kami Koshiki
JI5RPT/6Naka Koshiki
JM6CIP/6Kami Koshiki

Credited activations of AS-037

7L3ATQ/6Shimo Koshiki
JA4GXS/6Kami Koshiki
JA6IEF/6Kami Koshiki
JA6IEF/6Koshikijima Islands
JA6JPS/6Kami Koshiki
JA6JPS/6Koshikijima Islands
JA6LCJ/6Kami Koshiki
JA6LCJ/6Shimo Koshiki
JA6LCJ/6Koshikijima Islands
JA6PXH/6Naka Koshiki
JA6TBE/6Koshikijima Islands
JA6TBE/6Kami Koshiki
JA7GAX/6Koshikijima Islands
JA7GAX/6Kami Koshiki
JA7GAX/6Shimo Koshiki
JA8COE/6Kami Koshiki
JE2QIZ/6Kami Koshiki
JF6CMDShimo Koshiki
JH1OZV/6Shimo Koshiki
JH6HXHKami Koshiki
JH6HXHKoshikijima Islands
JI3DST/6Koshikijima Islands
JI3DST/6Kami Koshiki
JI3DST/6Shimo Koshiki
JI5RPT/6Kami Koshiki
JI5RPT/6Koshikijima Islands
JI5RPT/6Naka Koshiki
JI6KVR/6Kami Koshiki
JI6KVR/6Koshikijima Islands
JJ6STZKami Koshiki
JJ8DEN/6Kami Koshiki
JL6HXC/6Naka Koshiki
JM6CIP/6Kami Koshiki
JM6CIP/6Shimo Koshiki
JM6CIP/6Koshikijima Islands
JM6NWR/6Kami Koshiki
JM6WLC/6Shimo Koshiki
JN3FPV/6Kami Koshiki
JN3FPV/6Koshikijima Islands
JQ6GXP/6Naka Koshiki
JS3OMH/6Shimo Koshiki
JS3OMH/6Kami Koshiki