IOTA Ref. No. NA-016
Group Name Cayman Islands
DXCC Entity Cayman Islands
DXCC matches one IOTA Yes
Sunrise 11:13 UTC
Sunset 23:17 UTC
Minimum Latitude 19.00 N
Maximum Latitude 20.00 N
Minimum Longitude 79.58 W
Maximum Longitude 81.58 W
Regional Awards West Indies
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 5 years 98.7%
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 10 years 94.5%
Credited to users to have at least once submitted an application in the history of IOTA 83.4%
Requires validation No

Qualifying islands in NA-016

Cayman Brac
Cayman Islands
Grand Cayman
Little Cayman

Credited activations of NA-016

VP5BPGrand Cayman
ZF1ACayman Islands
ZF1AGrand Cayman
ZF1ACayman Brac
ZF1AKCayman Islands
ZF1CQGrand Cayman
ZF1DCGrand Cayman
ZF1DCCayman Islands
ZF1DJGrand Cayman
ZF1DMCayman Islands
ZF1DXGrand Cayman
ZF1DXCayman Islands
ZF1DZCayman Islands
ZF1DZLittle Cayman
ZF1EJGrand Cayman
ZF1EJCayman Islands
ZF1EPGrand Cayman
ZF1GCGrand Cayman
ZF1HJGrand Cayman
ZF1HQGrand Cayman
ZF1JCGrand Cayman
ZF1JECayman Brac
ZF1MAGrand Cayman
ZF1MMGrand Cayman
ZF1NRGrand Cayman
ZF1PBGrand Cayman
ZF1PMCayman Islands
ZF1RCGrand Cayman
ZF1RCCayman Islands
ZF1REGrand Cayman
ZF1RYLittle Cayman
ZF1SMGrand Cayman
ZF1SVCayman Islands
ZF1SVGrand Cayman
ZF1UMCayman Islands
ZF1VXCayman Islands
ZF1VXGrand Cayman
ZF1WDGrand Cayman
ZF1WWGrand Cayman
ZF1YXGrand Cayman
ZF2AAGrand Cayman
ZF2ACCayman Islands
ZF2AFLittle Cayman
ZF2AGGrand Cayman
ZF2AG/ZF8Cayman Islands
ZF2AG/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2AHGrand Cayman
ZF2AHCayman Islands
ZF2AHCayman Brac
ZF2AMCayman Islands
ZF2AMGrand Cayman
ZF2ARGrand Cayman
ZF2ATGrand Cayman
ZF2AUGrand Cayman
ZF2AVCayman Islands
ZF2AYGrand Cayman
ZF2BHCayman Islands
ZF2BIGrand Cayman
ZF2BJGrand Cayman
ZF2BNCayman Islands
ZF2BNGrand Cayman
ZF2BOGrand Cayman
ZF2BRCayman Islands
ZF2CDGrand Cayman
ZF2CICayman Islands
ZF2CIGrand Cayman
ZF2CJGrand Cayman
ZF2CJCayman Islands
ZF2CMGrand Cayman
ZF2CP/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2DFCayman Islands
ZF2DFGrand Cayman
ZF2DNGrand Cayman
ZF2DN/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2DOCayman Islands
ZF2DPCayman Islands
ZF2DPGrand Cayman
ZF2DQLittle Cayman
ZF2DRGrand Cayman
ZF2DXGrand Cayman
ZF2DXCayman Islands
ZF2DXCayman Brac
ZF2EAGrand Cayman
ZF2EECayman Islands
ZF2EMCayman Islands
ZF2EOCayman Islands
ZF2EOGrand Cayman
ZF2ESGrand Cayman
ZF2EWGrand Cayman
ZF2EZGrand Cayman
ZF2FJGrand Cayman
ZF2FKCayman Islands
ZF2FLGrand Cayman
ZF2FTLittle Cayman
ZF2GQGrand Cayman
ZF2GQCayman Islands
ZF2GUCayman Islands
ZF2GUGrand Cayman
ZF2HFGrand Cayman
ZF2HMCayman Islands
ZF2JACayman Islands
ZF2JBCayman Islands
ZF2JC/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2JC/ZF8Cayman Islands
ZF2JICayman Islands
ZF2JICayman Brac
ZF2JJGrand Cayman
ZF2JOCayman Islands
ZF2JOGrand Cayman
ZF2JRCayman Islands
ZF2JRGrand Cayman
ZF2JSGrand Cayman
ZF2JTGrand Cayman
ZF2JTCayman Islands
ZF2KEGrand Cayman
ZF2KECayman Islands
ZF2KGGrand Cayman
ZF2KGCayman Islands
ZF2KIGrand Cayman
ZF2KNGrand Cayman
ZF2KNCayman Islands
ZF2KO/ZF9Cayman Brac
ZF2KVGrand Cayman
ZF2KZGrand Cayman
ZF2LACayman Islands
ZF2LCGrand Cayman
ZF2LCCayman Islands
ZF2LFGrand Cayman
ZF2LHCayman Islands
ZF2LLCayman Islands
ZF2LMGrand Cayman
ZF2MCCayman Islands
ZF2MCCayman Brac
ZF2MC/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2MD/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2MKCayman Islands
ZF2MKGrand Cayman
ZF2ML/8Little Cayman
ZF2MMLittle Cayman
ZF2MN/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2MOGrand Cayman
ZF2MWGrand Cayman
ZF2NEGrand Cayman
ZF2NECayman Islands
ZF2NE/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2NE/ZF9Cayman Brac
ZF2NGGrand Cayman
ZF2NNGrand Cayman
ZF2NSCayman Islands
ZF2NTCayman Islands
ZF2NTLittle Cayman
ZF2NV/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2OACayman Islands
ZF2OAGrand Cayman
ZF2OECayman Brac
ZF2OECayman Islands
ZF2OR/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2OXLittle Cayman
ZF2PACayman Islands
ZF2PA/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2PDGrand Cayman
ZF2PFGrand Cayman
ZF2PGGrand Cayman
ZF2PIGrand Cayman
ZF2PPCayman Islands
ZF2PPLittle Cayman
ZF2PTLittle Cayman
ZF2PXCayman Islands
ZF2PXGrand Cayman
ZF2QLGrand Cayman
ZF2QQGrand Cayman
ZF2RFCayman Islands
ZF2RFGrand Cayman
ZF2RNGrand Cayman
ZF2RRGrand Cayman
ZF2RT/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2RVLittle Cayman
ZF2RV/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2RW/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2RX/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2SCGrand Cayman
ZF2SD/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2SF/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2SJGrand Cayman
ZF2SM/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2SQLittle Cayman
ZF2SQCayman Islands
ZF2SYGrand Cayman
ZF2TAGrand Cayman
ZF2THCayman Islands
ZF2UA/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2UB/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2UHGrand Cayman
ZF2UJGrand Cayman
ZF2ULCayman Islands
ZF2ULGrand Cayman
ZF2VVGrand Cayman
ZF2VZ/ZF8Little Cayman
ZF2WECayman Islands
ZF2WHCayman Islands
ZF2WWGrand Cayman
ZF2XDGrand Cayman
ZF2XFCayman Islands
ZF2XPCayman Islands
ZF2XPGrand Cayman
ZF2XYGrand Cayman
ZF2YBLittle Cayman
ZF2YLCayman Islands
ZF2ZBCayman Islands
ZF2ZBGrand Cayman
ZF2ZDGrand Cayman
ZF2ZECayman Islands
ZF2ZHGrand Cayman
ZF2ZLGrand Cayman
ZF35EJGrand Cayman
ZF35LCGrand Cayman
ZF35LCCayman Islands
ZF8AALittle Cayman
ZF8BSCayman Islands
ZF8BSLittle Cayman
ZF9/ZF2RCCayman Brac
ZF9/ZF2WPCayman Brac
ZF9/ZF2WPCayman Islands
ZF9CWCayman Brac
ZF9CWCayman Islands
ZF9SVCayman Brac