多くのグループでは、運用の承認を受けるため、IOTA委員会に証明書類を送付する必要があります。 ご不明な場合は、運用前にinfo@iotaworld.orgまでお問い合わせ下さい。

IOTAリファレンス番号 グループ名 承認の必要性 地域アワード
AS-130 South China Sea Coast South group Yes
AS-131 Guangdong Province West group Yes
AS-132 Gulf of Tongking North group Yes
AS-133 Cambodia group No
AS-134 Hebei / Tianjin Province group Yes
AS-135 Jiangsu Province group No
AS-136 Shanghai Province group No
AS-137 Zhejiang Province North group No
AS-138 Fujian Province group No
AS-139 Guangxi Autonomous Region group Yes
AS-140 Khulna / Barisal Region group Yes
AS-141 Zhejiang Province South group No
AS-142 Sea of Okhotsk Coast group Yes
AS-143 Hainan Province (Xisha Islands) group;Paracel Islands Yes
AS-144 Tenasserim Region South group Yes
AS-145 Malay Peninsula South East group No
AS-146 Shandong Province North East group No
AS-147 Hokkaido's Coastal Islands No
AS-148 Cholla-bukto Province group No
AS-149 Sakhalin's Coastal Islands Yes