IOTA Ref. No. AS-003
Group Name Sri Lanka Island
DXCC Entity Sri Lanka
DXCC matches one IOTA No
Sunrise 00:32 UTC
Sunset 12:49 UTC
Minimum Latitude 5.83 N
Maximum Latitude 10.00 N
Minimum Longitude 79.50 E
Maximum Longitude 82.00 E
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 5 years 93.4%
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 10 years 87.7%
Credited to users to have at least once submitted an application in the history of IOTA 51.3%
Requires validation No
Note Main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups

Qualifying islands in AS-003

Sri Lanka

Verified activations of AS-003

4S7/HB9AMOSri Lanka
4S7BBGSri Lanka
4S7BRGSri Lanka
4S7DGGSri Lanka
4S7FMGSri Lanka
4S7GWGSri Lanka
4S7JTGSri Lanka
4S7KKGSri Lanka
4S7NTGSri Lanka
4S7PAGSri Lanka
4S7RTGSri Lanka
4S7SAESri Lanka
4S7UCGSri Lanka
4S7VGSri Lanka
4S7WHG/ASri Lanka

Credited activations of AS-003

4S0AASri Lanka
4S0DXSri Lanka
4S0UKSri Lanka
4S6/7K1UEJSri Lanka
4S6NCHSri Lanka
4S6WASSri Lanka
4S7/DF5JRSri Lanka
4S7/DF5UGSri Lanka
4S7/DJ0PMSri Lanka
4S7/DK3PASri Lanka
4S7/DK9DRSri Lanka
4S7/F5LGQSri Lanka
4S7/F6AUSSri Lanka
4S7/F6BFHSri Lanka
4S7/F9IESri Lanka
4S7/G3REPSri Lanka
4S7/HB9AMOSri Lanka
4S7/HB9BRMSri Lanka
4S7/IK8DOISri Lanka
4S7/JA1OEMSri Lanka
4S7/JA1UXCSri Lanka
4S7/JA4FMSri Lanka
4S7/N6AASri Lanka
4S7/N6ZZSri Lanka
4S7/NZ9ZSri Lanka
4S7/OH2VZSri Lanka
4S7/ON4IPASri Lanka
4S7/ON6TZSri Lanka
4S7AAGSri Lanka
4S7ABSri Lanka
4S7AFGSri Lanka
4S7AHGSri Lanka
4S7AJGSri Lanka
4S7ASSri Lanka
4S7AVGSri Lanka
4S7AVRSri Lanka
4S7AYGSri Lanka
4S7BBSri Lanka
4S7BBGSri Lanka
4S7BGRSri Lanka
4S7BRSri Lanka
4S7BRGSri Lanka
4S7CCGSri Lanka
4S7CFSri Lanka
4S7CQSri Lanka
4S7DASri Lanka
4S7DBGSri Lanka
4S7DFSri Lanka
4S7DFGSri Lanka
4S7DGGSri Lanka
4S7DJSri Lanka
4S7DOGSri Lanka
4S7DRGSri Lanka
4S7DSGSri Lanka
4S7DUGSri Lanka
4S7DXSri Lanka
4S7DXGSri Lanka
4S7DYGSri Lanka
4S7EASri Lanka
4S7ECSri Lanka
4S7EFSri Lanka
4S7EMGSri Lanka
4S7ERSri Lanka
4S7EVGSri Lanka
4S7FBGSri Lanka
4S7FGSri Lanka
4S7FMGSri Lanka
4S7FRGSri Lanka
4S7FXGSri Lanka
4S7GESri Lanka
4S7GFSri Lanka
4S7GGGSri Lanka
4S7GLGSri Lanka
4S7GTGSri Lanka
4S7GVSri Lanka
4S7GWGSri Lanka
4S7GXSri Lanka
4S7GXGSri Lanka
4S7HBSri Lanka
4S7HBGSri Lanka
4S7HIGSri Lanka
4S7IJGSri Lanka
4S7ISGSri Lanka
4S7IWSri Lanka
4S7JASri Lanka
4S7JDSri Lanka
4S7JKGSri Lanka
4S7JLSri Lanka
4S7JNSri Lanka
4S7JPSri Lanka
4S7JR/PSri Lanka
4S7JWSri Lanka
4S7JWGSri Lanka
4S7KCGSri Lanka
4S7KESri Lanka
4S7KGSri Lanka
4S7KJGSri Lanka
4S7KKSri Lanka
4S7KKGSri Lanka
4S7KMSri Lanka
4S7LMSri Lanka
4S7LRGSri Lanka
4S7LSGSri Lanka
4S7LXGSri Lanka
4S7MDSri Lanka
4S7MEGSri Lanka
4S7MRSri Lanka
4S7MXSri Lanka
4S7MYSri Lanka
4S7MZSri Lanka
4S7NBSri Lanka
4S7NESri Lanka
4S7NGSri Lanka
4S7NHSri Lanka
4S7NMRSri Lanka
4S7NNGSri Lanka
4S7NSSri Lanka
4S7NZGSri Lanka
4S7OFSri Lanka
4S7OGSri Lanka
4S7OLSri Lanka
4S7OMSri Lanka
4S7OWSri Lanka
4S7OWGSri Lanka
4S7PAGSri Lanka
4S7PBSri Lanka
4S7PESri Lanka
4S7PVRSri Lanka
4S7QHGSri Lanka
4S7QIGSri Lanka
4S7RMSri Lanka
4S7ROSri Lanka
4S7RSSri Lanka
4S7RTGSri Lanka
4S7SAESri Lanka
4S7SAGSri Lanka
4S7SGSri Lanka
4S7SGGSri Lanka
4S7SLSri Lanka
4S7SUSri Lanka
4S7SWSri Lanka
4S7SXSri Lanka
4S7TAGSri Lanka
4S7TGSri Lanka
4S7TKSri Lanka
4S7TNSri Lanka
4S7TPSri Lanka
4S7TRGSri Lanka
4S7TWGSri Lanka
4S7TZSri Lanka
4S7TZGSri Lanka
4S7UBSri Lanka
4S7UCGSri Lanka
4S7UJGSri Lanka
4S7ULGSri Lanka
4S7USSri Lanka
4S7VAGSri Lanka
4S7VBGSri Lanka
4S7VGSri Lanka
4S7VJSri Lanka
4S7VKSri Lanka
4S7VLSri Lanka
4S7VLGSri Lanka
4S7VZSri Lanka
4S7WHG/ASri Lanka
4S7WISri Lanka
4S7WNSri Lanka
4S7WPSri Lanka
4S7WVSri Lanka
4S7WYSri Lanka
4S7XSGSri Lanka
4S7YSGSri Lanka
4S7ZWSri Lanka
DF2RG/4S7Sri Lanka
DF9FA/4S7Sri Lanka
DK2SC/4S7Sri Lanka
GM3YOR/4S7Sri Lanka
JA3YKC/4S7Sri Lanka
JA8RUZ/4S7Sri Lanka
JJ1VKL/4S7Sri Lanka
JR3KEG/4S7Sri Lanka
JR4QZH/4S7Sri Lanka
K3TW/4S7Sri Lanka
VK3DXI/4S7Sri Lanka
VS7PHSri Lanka
W6KG/4S7Sri Lanka