IOTA Ref. No. AF-007
Group Name Comoro Islands
DXCC Entity Comoros
DXCC matches one IOTA Yes
Sunrise 02:31 UTC
Sunset 15:06 UTC
Minimum Latitude 11.25 S
Maximum Latitude 12.50 S
Minimum Longitude 43.00 E
Maximum Longitude 44.75 E
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 5 years 92.8%
Credited to users that have submitted an application in the last 10 years 85.4%
Credited to users to have at least once submitted an application in the history of IOTA 74.7%
Requires validation No
Note Contacts with Mayotte made before 6 July 1975 count also for this group; contacts made on or after that date count for AF-027

Qualifying islands in AF-007

Comoro Islands
Njazidja;Grande Comore

Verified activations of AF-007

D68IComoro Islands

Credited activations of AF-007

D60VBNjazidja;Grande Comore
D60VBComoro Islands
D61NWComoro Islands
D64KComoro Islands
D64KNjazidja;Grande Comore
D66DComoro Islands
D67GIAComoro Islands
D67GIANjazidja;Grande Comore
D68/G3OZFComoro Islands
D68/G3OZFNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68AABNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68AABComoro Islands
D68ADComoro Islands
D68AFComoro Islands
D68AMNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68AMComoro Islands
D68ARComoro Islands
D68BDComoro Islands
D68BDNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68BTComoro Islands
D68BTNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68BWNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68BWComoro Islands
D68CNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68CComoro Islands
D68CFComoro Islands
D68CYComoro Islands
D68DVNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68DVComoro Islands
D68DXComoro Islands
D68FTComoro Islands
D68GAComoro Islands
D68GANjazidja;Grande Comore
D68IComoro Islands
D68JLComoro Islands
D68JMNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68JMComoro Islands
D68KNComoro Islands
D68KSComoro Islands
D68MGComoro Islands
D68QLNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68QLComoro Islands
D68QMNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68QMComoro Islands
D68RHComoro Islands
D68RHNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68SEComoro Islands
D68SYComoro Islands
D68TAComoro Islands
D68TWComoro Islands
D68UYNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68UYComoro Islands
D68VTComoro Islands
D68WBComoro Islands
D68WLNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68WLComoro Islands
D68WNNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68WSNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68WSComoro Islands
D68WUNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68WUComoro Islands
D68XXNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68YDComoro Islands
D68YHComoro Islands
D68YNNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68YNComoro Islands
D68YVNjazidja;Grande Comore
D68YVComoro Islands
D69XCNjazidja;Grande Comore
D69XCComoro Islands
D6AComoro Islands
D6ABComoro Islands
FH0VPComoro Islands
FH8CEComoro Islands
KY0T/D68Comoro Islands