IOTA Groups & Islands

Many groups require you to send validation data to IOTA Management in order to have an activation accepted. In case of doubt contact us BEFORE your activation at info@iota-world.org.

IOTA Ref. No. Group Name Requires Validation Regional Awards
OC-243 Western Australia State (South Coast) West group Yes
OC-244 Luzon's Coastal Islands No
OC-245 Sumatra's Coastal Islands North Yes
OC-246 Leti and Sermata Islands Yes
OC-247 Sabalana and Tengah Islands Yes
OC-248 Sonsorol Islands Yes
OC-249 Aru Islands Yes
OC-250 Masalembu Islands Yes
OC-251 Victoria State West group Yes
OC-252 Kalimantan's Coastal Islands West Yes
OC-253 Hall Islands Yes
OC-254 Mortlock Islands Yes
OC-255 Queensland State (Gulf of Carpentaria) North group Yes
OC-256 Kilinailau Islands;Tulun Islands Yes
OC-257 Nuguria Islands Yes
OC-258 Papua New Guinea's Coastal Islands North Yes
OC-259 Nukuoro Atoll Yes
OC-260 Oroluk Atoll Yes
OC-261 South Australia State West Centre group No
OC-262 Sumatra's Coastal Islands South No