IOTA Groups & Islands

Many groups require you to send validation data to IOTA Management in order to have an activation accepted. In case of doubt contact us BEFORE your activation at info@iota-world.org.

IOTA Ref. No. Group Name Requires Validation Regional Awards
OC-223 New South Wales State South group Yes
OC-224 Tanimbar Islands Yes
OC-225 Turtle Islands Yes
OC-226 Mwokil and Pingelap Atolls;Mokil and Pingelap Atolls Yes
OC-227 Queensland State (Gulf of Carpentaria) South group Yes
OC-228 South Australia State East group No
OC-229 Northern Territory (Arafura Sea Coast) Centre group Yes
OC-230 Rowley Shoals Yes
OC-231 Green Islands Yes
OC-232 East Timor's Coastal Islands No
OC-233 Tasmania's Coastal Islands No
OC-234 Browse Island Yes
OC-235 Mindanao's Coastal Islands Yes
OC-236 Celebes's Coastal Islands Yes
OC-237 Java's Coastal Islands No
OC-238 Pukarua and Reao Atolls Yes
OC-239 West Papua Coastal Islands West Yes
OC-240 Papua New Guinea's Coastal Islands East No
OC-241 Timor Barat's Coastal Islands Yes
OC-242 Bonerate and Taka' Bonerate Islands Yes